HEATING while saving is possible

Two opposing heating methods:

THE CONVECTIVE SYSTEM = normal radiators

Convective heating mainly heats the air which then obviously has to be changed with the outside causing a loss of energy.


Heating by radiation passes through the air without heating it, transfers heat to the objects and internal walls which then return it to the human body and other structures in times of need. Limiting the air temperature prevents the onset of condensation and mold.

With the "CALDO ARREDO" by VARME KILDEN, it is possible to obtain energy savings of up to 25%. In fact, just the fact that they have a laminar heat stratification of 1/3 compared to normal heaters, always and in any case allows a saving of 15.31%, to which the savings must then be added generated thanks to the "INCREASE of TMO - Average Operating Temperature of the walls".

Incomparable well-being with radiant heating.

Radiation System and Comfort

As you have certainly experienced directly, well-being is not given only by the air temperature but to optimal combination with the value and with the uniformity of the temperature of the walls.

To maintain a comfortable and healthy environment, it is certainly preferable and convenient to act on the temperature of the walls rather than overheating the air.

Heating by radiation is the one to which man is most sensitive since it is predominantly the one used by the human body to effectively thermoregulate itself as can also be seen from the following summary list.

46% - RADIATION: The body naturally exchanges heat with the surrounding walls and other bodies present in the environment. The exchange is direct and immediate and depends on the surrounding temperatures.

28% - CONVECTION: The body is heated or cooled by the air which, with its temperature and speed, influences the amount of heat exchanged by the body.

21% - BREATHING AND SWEAT: Sweat, as well as the breath itself, generate the removal of heat from the body, with a heat exchange towards the air that is enriched with heat and steam. The higher the temperature, the greater the quantity of steam released into the environment.

5% - CONDUCTION: The exchange takes place in a limited area of ​​the body such as the feet towards the floor.

For this reason, VARME KILDEN technology is perfect for generating greater well-being with less energy commitment. In fact, our body has a greater sensitivity to radiation and an increase in the amount of energy that it receives in a "radiant" form it exponentially increases the feeling of well-being.

Low temperature radiant heating

The irradiation is different, and it is the best solution.

Heating by radiation allows to limit the undesirable effects that occur in t systems convection raditional.

By reducing the air temperature and warming the walls at the same time, the "cold feet and hot head" effect is contained and the economic loss of air changes which are necessary to keep the environment healthy and comfortable is reduced.

A lower air temperature also means less steam and therefore less chance of condensation and molds in correspondence with thermal bridges.

The problems of convection systems are bad heat management with waste and dispersion.

The solution, of the "radiating" technology, is to provide the best result at the lowest possible energy cost.


Operation and patent.

The essence of the operation is this: hot water flows in flat channels that directly and indirectly they heat the walls and objects in the room rather than heat the air.

Ten years ago we transferred these concepts to a patent that marked the start of our company.

A proportionate quantity of water present in the channels guarantees the correct inertia of the heating system and thanks this feature avoids excesses and shortages of heat.

A special sizing program , which we share for free with you, allows you to calculate the size and the orientation of the heating body according to the characteristics of the house.


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