Bølge, Warm and welcoming
With its rounded softness it warms everyone, especially children and the elderly.

Varme Kilden Bølge with its completely smooth front surface, but with gently rounded edges, it is the most advanced on the market, in relation to attention to children and the elderly. Its shapes are perfectly integrated in all those places where a particular care is required people, such as, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and more. Once installed on the wall, it has a maximum wall projection is 50 mm for standard ½”connections.

The BØLGE is perfect for schools, kindergartens, hospitals, retirement homes, canteens and so on.


PREPARED FOR: 1/2 "valves and lockshields positioned on the inside of the rear side, according to the exclusive Varme Kilden system.

THERMOSTATIC VALVE WITH REGULATION PRESET: incorporated in the manifold, supplied as standard.

WORKING PRESSURE: maximum 6 bar.

MAXIMUM WORKING TEMPERATURE: not higher than 100°C, the operating temperature of the circuit recommended is 40°C for heat pumps and 55°C for condensing boilers.

They also operate with the classic temperatures of normal radiators, ie between 65 and 75°C.

WALL ANCHORING: in two versions for horizontal and vertical mounting, with a system that allows their rapid removal in case of need.

The product is equipped with wall fixing brackets, a lower retractable safety device and a special cap for venting the air.

PACKAGING: in cardboard, polystyrene and shrink plastic film.

RECYCLABILITY: 100% of the product.

TO ORDER THE PLATE: whether it is to be installed vertically or horizontally, the measurements will always be the same: the first measure corresponds to the horizontal dimension and the second to the vertical one.

CODE COMPOSITION EXAMPLE: A plate 400 mm wide and 1400 mm high to be installed vertically it will be a VK4/1400-V. A 700 mm wide and 2000 mm high plate to be installed horizontally will be a VK7/2000-H.

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