Loved by installers because it is easy to install and is the best solution to offer to its customers.

Simplicity and speed of installation to quickly redevelop the homes of your customers.

The CALDO ARREDO Radiante VARME KILDEN is a "PATENTED" steel heating body that has no predetermined power center distances.

Thanks to this feature, CALDO ARREDO VARME KILDEN are ideal not only for replacing old radiators but also for new buildings or major renovations.

The replacement of old radiators is simple, quick and no special masonry works or other adjustments are required.

The hydraulic connections are always made at the rear within the radiator's overall dimensions.

In case of replacement of radiators in the niche under the window, following our method, it will be possible to reduce to a minimum the energy dissipated outside in that area.

In the DOCUMENTATION section of our website you will find pdf documents illustrating the installation.

A product that "qualifies" the installer and makes him UNIQUE.

Offering new solutions to your customers is undoubtedly an important technical and commercial advantage but pre and post sales assistance is a condition that makes the product truly complete.

Varme Kilden supports installers right from the sizing and budgeting of the system with the most appropriate choice of models.

Our philosophy is not that of the supplier as an end in itself but that of a real partner: this is why many installers have been collaborating with us for over 17 years.

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